How to Upgrade Huawei MA5600T Series OLT

How to Upgrade Huawei MA5600T Series OLT

With the development of the technology, new software for Huawei OLT (MA5608T/MA5683T/MA5680T) is continuously released. In order to serve our customers better and help them save the cost of network construction, they need to upgrade the software on the base of their existing equipment. Therefore, we take Huawei MA5680T as an example in this article to briefly elaborates the upgrade process of Huawei MA5608T / MA5680T / MA5683T.


Login instructions

Huawei MA5680T login methods can be divided into: Console port login, U2000 system login and the network administrator login. We choose the Console port login, because this is the most direct way to login to the MA5680T and is not affected by the process of data transmission.


Preparation for upgrade

Material preparation:

Hardware: Computer, console cable, serial to USB device (for computer without RS232 interface), MA5680T

Software: TFTP Server, Secure CRT, serial port driver (with serial port), OLT system files, the IO package of MA5680T main control board SCUN/SCUK etc


How to connect:

Connect computer and CON port on SCUN by a console cable; at the same time, using a common cable to connect the ETH port and front port of the TFTP server.

Huawei SCUN.jpg


Software configuration:

Download and install the TFTP Server and Secure CRT (it can be replaced with other software such as Hyperterminal or PuTTY)


1. Configure the TFTP Server

a. Download TFTP Server:

b. Install the software, select the default setting. 

c. After the installation is complete, connect to the local server: Server - Connect

d. Server —— TFTP Server Setting

e. Select to deploy server nic and port parameters. Use 10.11.104. X, the IP is directly connected through the Internet cable segment. Then you can use the ping command to test the connection between the network card and the ETH port of the MA5680T in advance.

MA5680T ETH port.jpg


f. Server —— Virtual TFTP Folders —— Manage Repositories (It is recommended to modify the default path of the TFTP server to a custom path)


2. Secure CRT

Secure CRT.jpg


a. Download and install the software, select the default settings. After it is installed, the RS232 to USB cable driver needs to be loaded normally, and the inserted COM port can be read out from My Computer-Device Manager for the next step.

b. Follow the steps: File-Quick Connect, new connection option, use serial protocol, read the port through the previous step of the local COM port, assume COM8, baud rate 9600-bit / s, bits 8, no parity, stop bit is 1, no data flow control. After clicking the connect button, it will enter the account and password interface.


Upgrade equipment

Upgrade instruction:

After entering the account and password (default account: new equipment root; password: admin) to connect MA5680T, perform the upgrade instruction operation.



This example uses TFTP for loading, only the default language is required. The ETH cable connects the SCUN with the front port of the TFTP server for transferring files; the console cable connects the SCUN CON port with the computer's USB interface for device configuration and monitoring the loading process. The default IP of ETH is, and the mask is You can set the TFTP server to the same network segment (for example, set to, which is more convenient to use.

In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the old equipment needs to save and backup configuration file and database file. If you are not familiar with the upgrade operation, please use the no-load experimental equipment for operation.


Operating steps:


1. Close autosave

huawei(config)#autosave interval off
huawei(config)#autosave time off


2.Save database file

huawei(config)#save data


3.Backup configuration file and the database file (New equipment can ignore this, but this step can detect whether the TFTP server set up successfully)

huawei(config)#backup data tftp huawei.dat
huawei(config)#backup configuration tftp config.txt


After the operation is completed, please check whether the previous steps to set file directory exists huawei. Dat, config. TXT file, it is to prove that the TFTP server build successfully, no need to check the TFTP server set up step by step.


4.Upgrade database file by using update tools (New equipment can ignore this)

Run the data update tool update. Exe, open the "Update" window, select "Update" TAB to upgrade the original database file.

Click "Source" of "...", select backup database file.

After clicking the "Destination" of "...", select the upgraded database file storage path.

Choose the upgraded Version of "Version"

Select the DEFAULT values in the "Config" (the DEFAULT).

Click "update", complete the original file to upgrade, generate the target file under the specified path.


Data upgrade tool interface

5.Loader package file to the main control board SCUN

huawei(config)#load packetfile tftp scu_packet.bin


Need to wait a long period of time after loading the file, perform related operations as prompted.


6.Load the updated database configuration file and the original history record to the main control board SCUN (new equipment can ignore this).

huawei(config)#load data tftp huawei.dat
The new database will overwrite the old one
Rollback function will be disabled
Be sure that the system needn't this function
It's irreversible. Are you sure to load new database? (y/n)[n]:y
huawei(config)#load configuration tftp config.txt


7.Reset system

After loading is complete, use the active configuration to activate or restart the system.
huawei(config)#active configuration
System will reboot after this command, continue? (y/n)[n]:y
huawei(config)#reboot system


8.Confirm the system upgrade was successful.

Check whether the main control board SCUN can start normally, and use the display language and display version commands to check whether the software version of SCUN is correct.


After reading this article, I believe you have a general understanding of how to upgrade Huawei MA5600T series OLT. Upgrading Huawei OLT requires a stable operating environment, please choose an appropriate time for the upgrade. If any questions, please kindly contact our support team:

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